M&M Breadcrumbs Launch Compostable Packaging

Established in 1970, M&M are a Dublin based family company who specialise in the production of fresh and dried breadcrumbs and stuffing. Their mission is to deliver a unique quality offering for their customers, with a strong emphasis on robust quality standards. As part of their offering they also wanted to supply a product that was environmentally friendly, which is something that had become a huge consideration for their customer base.


Alert Packaging reviewed M&M Breadcrumb’s requirements and set about supplying a fully compostable and bio-degradable material specification for their ‘Oh Crumbs, Medium Fresh Breadcrumbs 200 gram and 400 gram packs. It was crucial that the packaging maintained the shelf-life of the refrigerated product and that the taste, texture and nutritional value was maintained.


The solution was a compostable film made from renewable plant resources. A specially formulated PLA for food and pharmaceutical applications, the film has excellent forming characteristics and high clarity with enhanced elasticity. M&M Breadcrumbs trialled the material and could quickly confirm that the film specification was the perfect solution to maintaining the shelf-life of the product whilst still achieving the environmental credentials. Using our award-winning 8 Colour High Definition Printing Press Alert Packaging were then able to print M&Ms unique design for the 2 pack sizes.