New Trim Suction System Installed

We are up and running with our new Trim Suction System for our recent investment in our BIMEC slitting machine. It has allowed us to increase speeds on our slitting machines resulting in an improvement in productivity. Noise levels have also been lowered using soundproof panels.

After an online introduction, New Aerodinamica Team analyzed the systems in use thanks to pictures and layouts and immediately set up a plan, drafting a new project to Alert Packaging.  Managing Director Darren Burke told us how “given the availability demonstrated from the first steps, the professionalism and the positive reputation that precedes New Aerodinamica in the sector at an international level, we had no doubts about who entrust this important order”. Some of the challenges experienced with the old system included an undersized exhaust system and high noise levels.

The proposal seemed immediately clear: a new suction system applied to the machine and an improvement of the exhaust system by installing a separator with a balancing system. Since then, the first on field inspection to verify the dimensions and further alternatives to displace the discharge zone.
The green light was then given for the system with related dispatch of the material to be assembled by the customer. With the remote support from Italy, possible thanks to the fan control panel and the waste system manager equipped with touch screen and remote control, the electrical wiring was completed and ready for the second intervention on field for testing.

Followed by all the tests on the suction of different materials with dimensions between 12-200 mµ with OPP, PET, nylon, paper, aluminium and trim up to 80 mm per side. Maximum result also recorded on pre-existing machinery on which, connected to the new separator, the speed was doubled, a perfect demonstration of how correct sizing of a part of the system can bring benefits to another machine without affecting the suction aspect. A solution was also found for the noise by encapsulating the balancing fan inside a soundproof cabin with 100mm sandwhich panels and the addition of further internal soundless partitions, key to keeping noise below 45 decibels.

A system that marked the total achievement of the objectives set, with super satisfaction from the customer who specified how “The intervention carried out by New Aerodinamica allowed us to reach double the previous speed of operation of the machinery with a consequent improvement in productivity. The collaboration with the Bergamo team was successful and characterized by three aspects: speed of service and timely responses to every question, availability and the professionalism demonstrated in every aspect, even when we made changes “on the fly” they always proved available and happy to help us. The last aspect: the new machines are not only super efficient but also aesthetically beautiful: a significant aspect!”.



New Trim Suction System


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