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Custom Printed Flexible Packaging 

We believe that flexible packaging is a key enabler of growth for our customers. Our manufacturing capabilities include 8 Colour HD Flexographic printing, laminating & conversion across a range of film specifications. Exporting world-wide we work with many leading food manufacturers, wholesalers, processors and retailers, pet food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. 

Solutions that help to grow your brand

Flexographic Printing

Fixed Colour Gamut – Your Brand in 4 Colours

Your Guide to Achieving the Best Printed Packaging

We have developed our High Definition Flexographic Artwork Guide, which is a comprehensive guide to speeding up the origination process to deliver the best printed flexible packaging for your brand. Talk to us today about how to implement this guide and what it means for your brand. 

Perfect print register can only be achieved by using the correct plate mounting technology. We have invested in automatic proofing accurate to 20mu and a HD Flexographic printing press that can run up to 400m per minute at <50mu register. Check out our Aunt Bessie’s designs which were printed using our 4 Colour Process. 

Fast, Real-Time Access to Your Information

Online Customer Portal

Gain instant access to your orders and items in stock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By logging in online, each user can immediately see what orders they have in progress and at what stage the order is at, providing up to date information at the click of a button. 

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