M’Steam – Consistent And Convenient

M’Steam® – Steam Cook Film for Microwave Ovens

Our Steam Cook Film for microwave and conventional ovens provides a perfectly controlled cooking environment to give you perfect results every time you cook. Our M’Steam® film is a laminated flexible packaging material designed to use as a steam release film with PP Tray and PA/PP lined thermoformed in microwave ovens. It is a low oxygen transmission film which maintains freshness for your product. Due to the multiple layers your printed artwork is secure and has no contact with the product or outside environment. Materials have been independently tested by Campden BRI for microwave cooking.

Key Benefits

  •  Excellent seal integrity / peelable after cooking
  • No need to pierce film
  • Packs on existing production lines e.g. Sealpac, Mondini, ProSeal, Pack Automation, Multivac.
  • Hermetically sealed – unlike other Steam Film Applications M’Steam® maintains the barrier you require
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination during cooking
  • Steam cooking retains flavour and vitamins
  • Printed version available
  • Suitable for post pack pasteurisation