Flexible. Functional. Fresh.

The high barrier properties of flexible packaging are crucial to ensure exceptional product quality and maximise shelf-life. We supply a vast range of performance packaging films that can provide excellent barriers to a variety of substances.

Form Fill & Seal

Designed for high speed packing applications our performance films increase operational efficiency helping you to reduce waste by eliminating rejects. Performance films with single-ply materials and laminated structures are available for flow wrap and form fill and seal applications from under 100mm to over 1,000mm reel widths.

Flexible Packaging

Alert Packaging’s Tear-PRO is a precision feature for easy-opening
on packs such as roll fed film and pre-made pouches.  

We have barrier properties for– Light, Oxygen, Water, C02 and Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

We also have options of EVOH, PVOH, UV Barriers and PVDC.

Choose from a variety of functional seals including, high bond seal integrity, peel and reclose and peel seal options.