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We believe that flexible packaging is a key enabler of growth for our customers. Using the very best in Award Winning HD Flexographic print technology and quality control procedures we help our customers to deliver packaging that grows their business and gets them to market faster. To succeed in a quickly evolving market it takes experience and know how to create the right packaging film and format in the shortest lead time possible.

Our expertise in delivering such solutions helps our customers to outperform their competition and ultimately, grow.

Our Commitment to Colour

Guarantees Your Brand’s Promise for Quality

Exact colour matching can be an extremely challenging task when using different printing processes on multiple substrates. We specialise in Perfect Colour Profiling on all substrates using our HD Flexographic Artwork Guide which guarantees the best reproduction of your brand using CIELAB X-Rite Compliant Technology.

Our method ensures perfect colour control for your product range when printing your artwork on our high barrier flexible film – this saves you time by speeding up the origination process, and delivers the most accurate artwork reproduction enhancing product recognition and brand identity. The strict use of our Perfect Colour Profiling Technology to read colours completely eliminates the potential for error.

We have developed our HD Flexographic Artwork Guide, which is a comprehensive guide to speeding up the origination process to deliver the best printed flexible packaging in the marketplace. It is our guarantee to the best reproduction of your brand.

xrite colour managment alert packaging

100% Inspection Ensuring Total Quality Control

Guaranteed 100% HD Flexographic print inspection  system


Our 100% Inspection System guarantees that every square millimetre of printed film is quality checked and recorded for register, colour or any other print defects. Unlike some other inspection systems our fail proof system has a true 100% inspection rate as it views the entire print web, comparing it against the approved master print in real time. Any deviations are immediately flagged and logged ensuring consistent print quality, which increases production efficiencies and reduces waste.

Inspection camera

Perfect Register Using the Best Equipment in the World

We are proud to say that we have the most advanced 8 Colour Ultra HD Flexographic Printer in the marketplace. Our Ultra HD print technology ensures perfect register accuracy [<50 microns] between colours meaning they don’t overlap, resulting in brilliant image details and the sharpest text possible.


Automatic & Accurate Plate Mounting

Perfect print register can only be achieved by perfect plate mounting. Even before we start printing we optimise our process further by using automatic plate mounting to position the printing plates using image recognition technology, guaranteeing complete accuracy. This means the positioning is done by machine instead of the operator, resulting in constant high quality and consistent plate mounting down to the micron.

We stock a comprehensive range of self-adhesive sleeves which are used to hold the printing plates in place before they are installed on our printing press. Many other suppliers use different types of tape to apply the printing plates to these sleeves which is a much more laborious approach creating inconsistencies which results in errors. Using tape interferes with colour profiling, however this element has been removed from our process. Once again our strict manufacturing process means greater accuracy and a shaper final print for your product.

Lamination – The Ultimate Protection for Your Products

We are the experts in laminated high barrier films which are designed to protect your product and create an ideal environment that promotes freshness and extended shelf life for your products. We provide a wide variety of laminate structures and can advise on the most suitable for your requirements. Our film is supplied as a single layer or a multi-layer laminate, with each layer providing a different function within the packaging. We use a high-speed laminating machine which is solvent free and environmentally friendly which is a significant part of our commitment to environmental good practice.

Fast, Accurate, Real-Time Access to Your Information

Online Customer Portal

Our Online Customer Portal System enables our customers to gain instant access to orders and items in stock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By logging in online, each user can immediately see what orders they have in progress and at what stage the order is at, providing up to date information at the click of a button. Our system allows instant access to your order information in real-time providing a fast, accurate and reliable way to review your account.

Benefits include:
• Secure login
• Quick and easy to use
• View live orders
• View pending orders
• View order deliveries in the last 30 days
• View completed stock we have in storage for you

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