Flahavan’s Launch Recyclable Sachet Packaging

Flahavan’s have been a valued customer of Alert Packaging for more than 9 years. We were delighted to work with them on producing a Recyclable Sachet for their Hi 8 Muesli product which was launched into the food catering sector recently.

Flahavan’s porridge oats have been a favourite amongst consumers for generations. In business for over 230 years, the company’s reputation today is stronger than ever with more than two million servings consumed each week around the world. Every day 120 tonnes of porridge oats are milled at Flahavan’s factory where 54 workers deliver breakfast to millions of tables around the world.


Recyclable Packaging

Recently, we have seen a much greater emphasis on providing sustainable packaging options for our customers and Flahavan’s are no exception. Over the last year we have reviewed the different film specifications for a number of their products with the intention of making them as environmentally friendly as possible while still maintaining the shelf-life of the product.

Flahavan’s recently launched their Hi 8 Muesli Sachet for the Catering Sector, which is packed in a recyclable polypropylene sachet providing high oxygen, aroma, flavour and mineral oil barriers. We moved from supplying a laminate structure which was not recyclable to a polypropylene mono-material which is recyclable and which also maintains the shelf-life and taste that customers expect from Flahavan’s. This material is also suitable for printing using our 8 Colour High Definition Flexographic Printing Press, so Flahavan’s have not had to sacrifice on their design or unique brand identity.

Flahavan’s have also changed the packaging for their Irish Oaty Flapjack range which is now packed in recyclable polypropylene.


Recyclable Packaging