Stand Up Pouches – Product Differentiation Using Sensory Packaging

For many years packaging design and branding emphasised colour, graphics and even shape to differentiate products, however consumers are now associating the feel of a product with its quality. To make their products stand out in an extremely competitive landscape brands are looking at ways of integrating a tactile feel into their packaging artwork and design. The element of touch creates a sense of ‘luxury’ and ‘high end quality’ which helps to differentiate products packed in Stand Up Pouches on supermarket shelves.


To achieve this premium artisan feel it is possible to add a clear lacquer coating to the exterior surface of the Stand Up Pouch which can be made to match the graphic imagery. This provides a paper like effect while still giving the benefits of plastic such as durability, extended shelf life and production efficiencies. The high barrier film fully protects the product, maximising freshness and quality of the product.


Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches – Getting a Feel For Sensory Packaging

With more and more competition, brands have to reinvent their packaging constantly to keep ahead of their rivals. Customers often associate subtle cues such as a tactile finish or thicker packaging fims with a more artisan high quality product. Whilst innovation is important, brands must not sacrifice the functionality of their packaging as this is still a core value with many consumers and can be used to help enhance and strengthen a product’s ‘shelf presence’.


Product Differentiation Using Flexible Packaging

Within the food industry categories such as snack foods, pet foods, baby foods and dairy are also using the emotional connection tied to tactile packaging.
In the Asia-Pacific market, 47% of new colour cosmetics featured a package with soft-touch element, while the percentage of new product introductions with soft-touch attributes across all categories grew from 13% to 32%. In Europe, the trend has expanded to such products as sauces and seasonings.*

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