Recyclable Food Packaging
Polypropylene Mono-material

Our Recyclable Packaging solutions are available in a variety of  different formats including
Pre-Made Stand Up Pouches and Roll Fed Film for Form Fill & Seal, Pillow Packs or Sachets etc.
All our recyclable film can be printed using our award-winning 8 Colour High Definition Flexographic printing press.

Key Features

  • Provides high oxygen, aroma, flavour and mineral oil barriers
  • Excellent moisture barrier and seal performance
  • High transparency and gloss
  • No PVdC, chlorine free
  • Suitable for a variety for products including confectionery, nuts & grains, protein bars, baked goods and pet food

Recyclable Heat-Sealable
Paper Packaging

Our Recyclable Paper Packaging ensures a long shelf-life for your food product due to its oxygen and aroma barriers. It has very good heat-seal ability and is particularly suitable for a bag packaging format and a great alternative  to film packaging made from PE and PP.

Key Features

  • Durable against water vapour, grease / oil, aroma, mineral oil migration
  • Very good heat-sealability
  • Particularly high proportion of renewable raw materials
  • Excellent moisture barrier and seal performance
  • No PVdC, chlorine free


Flexible Packaging means more with less: less waste, less energy, less resources used and reduced costs.
Flexible Packaging packs more than 40% of food products in Europe while only using 10% of all consumer packaging materials. Flexible Packaging allows for outstanding low packaging-to-product ration, while helping to reduce food waste.


Flexible Packaging is essential for processing, storing, transporting, protecting and preserving products.
Re-closable packs such as plastic Stand Up Pouches help to keep food that has been opened in peak condition for longer. Ultimately, multi-use packaging which is more effective and efficient means there is less waste of resources on the impact on the environment is reduced.


In 2016, 98,238 tonnes of plastic were recycled, representing 36% of the total estimated 275,510 tonnes of waste plastic packaging generated in Ireland. This 36% of recycled plastic represents the equivalent of 4,912 40ft shipping containers of plastic material. *Repak
Benefits of Flexible Packaging