Our Commitment to the Environment

At Alert Packaging, we have implemented a number of procedures which allows us to monitor, manage and reduce our impact to the environment. We are committed to showing continual improvement and prevention of pollution by setting and reviewing environmental targets and objectives.

• We are independently audited by the Environmental Protection Agency to European Environmental Standards – Registration Number P0366-02

• We comply with the Waste Management Act which is the provision in relation to the prevention, management and control of waste in Ireland

• We are members of Repak which ensures we comply with EU Packaging Regulations. We are proud to be part of Repak’s community which has taken packaging recycling and recovery rates from 15% in 1997 to an estimated 90% in 2016*

• Over the last 4 years, we have reduced our compressed air operating pressure in our manufacturing process to only 20% which means we use less electricity resulting in reduced carbon levels

• We manufacture refuse sacks under the brand name Bruscar, which are made from 100% recycled polyethylene• Our lamination process is 100% solvent free which means we don’t produce any carbon waste at this stage of production

• We work in partnership with our customers to down gauge film specifications where possible. For example we regularly use metallocene polyethylene which is a much stronger / tougher film reducing the amount of film required

• We have an automatically controlled lighting system in our office, factory and warehouse which helps us to save electricity

• Over the last 20 years we have planted approximately 200 native Irish trees including Silver Birch, Cherry and White Thorn at our premises and surrounding site in Bray, Co. Wicklow


*Repak – www.repak.ie

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