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The Frozen Food market has seen a significant rise in interest in recent years, resulting in numerous growth opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of Frozen Food Packaging. Predictions state that the global frozen food market will reach close to €7.5 billion by 2019. And while ready-made meals was the leading product segment in 2015, other products categories such as vegetables and frozen berries continue to increase in popularity.

Packaging Innovation in the Frozen Foods Sector

With consumer’s busy life styles and rising household incomes, more and more people are looking for convenient options that can fit around their hectic schedules. Technological advancements has resulted in flexible packaging companies having the ability to supply new film types and improved packaging designs which helps to protect, promote and store the product. Specifications such as printed films, re-sealable zippers, tear notch openings and single serve packing have played a key role in enhancing this trend.

Vertical Form Fill and Seal systems are the ideal solution to respond to the increasing demand for frozen foods as they can quickly and effectively bag a wide variety of products and operate well in the harsh environments of the frozen food industry. By optimising their Vertical Form Fill and Seal packaging process, manufacturers can further boost productivity and food safety, while also increasing product shelf life and enhancing visual appeal to create a product that stands out amongst competitors.


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How Frozen Food Packaging Influences Consumer Buying Decisions

Despite offering a range of functional benefits, packaging also plays a significant role in consumer buying decisions. Research found that in the next 5 years, 31% of brand owners expect to switch entirely to or move to a higher mix of flexible packaging. While only 14% expect to switch entirely to a higher mix of rigid packaging.


The survey revealed that consumers love the benefits of flexible packaging due to the ability to re-seal 47%, easy to store 44% and easy to open 35%. When asked directly 55% of brand owners said they saw a sales increase due to the switch to flexible packaging.*

Research has also found that 82% of shoppers make their purchasing decisions in store, while 54% of shoppers see product visibility as important.

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