Top Trends 2018: Food Packaging and Food Innovations

A recent study from Innova Market Insights has highlighted the top food packaging and food innovation trends that consumers are reaching for, such as changing meal times which is propelling convenient, healthy and more sustaining snacks to consumers seeking fresh iterations in healthy eating which is driving lighter choices.


Top 5 Trends : Food Packaging and Food Innovations

1 Mindful Choices

Consumers are making more conscious food choices with ethical standards and sustainability on deck.

Better-for-you: Global launches feature more better-for-you claims.

Healthier diets: Consumers veer towards veganism or free-from.

Ethical is key: More claims around sustainability and the environment.


2 Lighter Enjoyment

Fresh iterations in healthy eating drive lighter choices; whether in alcohol content, sweetness, flavour, texture or portion size.

Moderation: Consumers go for moderation in alcohol content and flavoured beers.

Lighter formats: A rise in thinner bakery products and “thin” claims.

Water for growth: Plant-based waters lighten up the soft drink category, targeting the mainstream consumer.


3 Positivity Processed

Consumers seek assurance on processing techniques. Some manufacturers see opportunity in more explanation on food packaging.

Need for natural: “Raw” and “old fashioned” perceived as more natural.

Activated ingredients: Ingredients such as nuts find more shelf space.

Premium processed: Clearer communication on processing can give a more premium feel.


4 Going Full Circle

The circular economy is taking hold in food. Being resource smart is a must.

Pollution is top of mind: As awareness around plastic food packaging and food waste increases, governments join forces to take action.

Sustainable plants: Dairy alternative drinks thrive on the assumption that they are more sustainable than dairy.


5 Beyond the Coffeehouse

Coffee and Tea are being reinvented to appeal to younger generations.

Popping up everywhere: Coffee and tea flavours / ingredients reach across all sorts of market categories.

More than ‘Coffee’: More defined coffee flavours like latte, espresso and macchiato gain space on the shelf.

Reinvention: Tea becomes an indulgent and premium drink relying on exotic flavours and blends.


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