Top Trends 2018: Flexible Packaging and Food Innovations

Part 2

A recent study from Innova Market Insights has highlighted the top flexible packaging and food innovation trends that consumers are reaching for, such as changing meal times which is propelling convenient, healthy and more sustaining snacks to consumers seeking fresh iterations in healthy eating which is driving lighter choices.


6 Say it With Colour

Sharing food through social media is more important. Impactful foods with colour are thriving.

Concentrates & extracts: More opportunities to deliver vibrant natural coloured foods with a clean label.

Health colouring: Colourful foods and spices such as beetroot and turmeric are recognised for their health benefits.

Share for likes: Sharing pictures and using social media sites such as Instagram to share images of foods and beverages become mainstream.


7 Dining Out, In

Consumers seek restaurant quality food at home, pushing more innovation in the consumer goods that tap in to this need.

Cheffing: ‘Fresh’ claims and gourmet recipes add to consumers’ eating experiences.

Bowls and tacos: Different dining formats deliver flavourful meals.

Restaurants vs retail: Blurring lines between food service and retail are opening up opportunities.


8 From Snacks to Mini Meals

Changing meal times propel convenient, healthy, more satisfying and sustaining snacks.

Energise your day: Global snack NPD is experiencing a rise in energy claims that turn in to meal replacers.

Snackifaction: Snack formats and single portions are on the rise outside the snack category.

Mini-meal components: Variants of meal components, such as mini tomatoes, have grown into a service as a snack.


9 Ocean Garden

Nutrient dense marine products are finding their way into a variety of new food and beverage products.

Fishy innovation: Fish moves into the meat space as consumers slash their red meat consumption.

Umami touch: Saltiness in marine products can serve as salt substitutions that add a premium flavouring.

Sea greens: Sea vegetables gain traction, from algae to dulse, kelp, wakame and more.


10 Bountiful Choice

Brands driving the consumer emotional bond propel more creativity and innovation to match tastes and needs.

Diversification: Attention to flavour, functionality and packaging increases.

Re-invigorating categories: ‘Out of the box’ product development to keep consumers engaged.

Curiosity: Consumers curiosity drives diversification and excitement in traditional categories.

Innova Market Insights Factsheet

*Source: Innova Market Insights