All Soft Plastics Now Available in Recycling Bins

Soft Plastics Accepted in Recycling Bin

We have long awaited & welcome the news that soft plastics are now accepted in household recycling bins through-out Ireland and a suitable waste collection infrastructure has been implemented. We believe this is the first step in creating a real infrastructure capable of collecting and sorting soft plastics. However, more work must be done to improve how we recycle flexible packaging in Ireland to maximise its use.


Some Frequently Asked Questions…


Frequently Asked Questions


Sustainable Solutions

As we all know Reducing, Reusing and Recycling is the most sustainable solution for environmental best practice. Film specifications and technologies are constantly changing; however our 100% polypropylene and polyethylene mono-materials are the most suitable alternatives to many of the multi-layer films options currently available.


We are developing more recyclable mono-material options for different applications and whilst it is a challenge our aim is to widen the application of these more suitable materials. We use soft plastic because it is non-toxic, preserves vitamins, sterilised, frozen and acts as a barrier to moisture, oils and gasses. In most instances it is the perfect solution as its format and size can be adjusted to exactly fit product volume creating an exact fit.

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What are some of the leading retailers preferred materials?


Preferred Materials


IFPA – The Irish Food Packaging Alliance

Alert Packaging is a member of The Irish Food Packaging Alliance (IFPA), the representative organisation for the domestic food packaging producers in Ireland. The IFPA is committed to the development of a truly circular economy whereby all plastic products are recycled. Our members had previously called on Government to engage with all stakeholders involved in the product life cycle with a view to developing a commercial waste stream for all plastic packaging and therefore creating a sustainable approach to reducing the climate and ecological impact of plastic waste.


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